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Guild Rules

O o O Guild Rules



Goals for SW:TOR

Defeat ALL PVE Encounters before they are nerfed

Complete all raiding related achievements as they are released

Stay together as one of the best raiding teams on the server

Maintain an active PvP team to compete in battlegrounds at a high level


Main Guild Rules

1 – O o O is a friendly trade Guild. We do not Buy or Sell to each other in Guild Chat. You may sell to other guild mates in private. However if an Officer sees you selling in Guild Chat he should attempt to stop it. It is encouraged that members be selfless and think of the greater good of the guild and its progress and offer their goods and services for free, or certainly at cost price to guild mates.


2 - ---  is a PvP server, and PvP is encouraged, however we would prefer if members did not attack lowbies and stick to fighting people their own level. We would also prefer members avoid group griefing.


3 - We have a Mumble server which the Officers are paying for. Feel free to use it but do not scream/shout/burp in Mumble or spam it with Bindings. Repeated offenses will result in a global muting to begin with, continued abuse of voice chat will see you removed from operations or the guild, depending on the situation. Do not give out our Mumble details without permission from an officer, we pay for a limited number of slots and would prefer they are used by friends.


4 - Treat all other players with Respect and Honor. This includes the Rebels. Do not humiliate them by spitting on them etc. just because they didn't pick the same faction as you did doesn't make them complete morons as some players tend to think. This rule also applies to racism and other derogatory comments against other members.


5 - As a member of O o O, anything you do now reflects upon the Guild's image. Do not do anything that will degrade our reputation. This includes but is not limited to being generally annoying, offensive, screwing up for other people in or outside the guild, Ninja looting, scamming as well as being racist or discriminating against any other person for any reason. Repeated offenses will see you removed from the guild.


6 - If members wish to participate in Operations they are required to be fully prepared and fully up to date with the current Operation rules and objectives for the guild.


7 - Don't be Stupid


8 - All Officers are appointed by Grintogg and his staff - they should be treated with respect and obeyed at all times. Equally they have a job description that Grintogg expects them to follow.


9 – O o O is a relatively laid back guild, however we operate a 3 strike system for breaking rules. If an Officer finds you to be in breach of a guild rule they can give you a 'strike' on receipt of 3 'strikes' you will be asked to leave the guild, or you will be kicked. (check separate rules for strikes). It is however sometimes appropriate for Grintogg to remove people for an form of major rule breaking or major fall out with the guild.


10 - No one person is greater than this guild - everyone is replaceable, and the guild will always go on in some form. Please remember this before making demands or delivering ultimatums to Grintogg or Officers.


11 - This is a game - games are supposed to be fun, so have fun :D


12 - Upon reading these rules you need to reply "Grintogg loves Midgets" when asked if you read the guild rules in your application


13 - Should you have any inquiries not everything has to go through Grintogg, especially at operation times - feel free to talk with the Officer staff, be it complaints, questions or other requests, It's what they are there for, and they talk on the behalf of Grintogg and the guild.



Operation Rules

 1 – It’s expected that anyone of a rank Trialist or above attends EVERY Operation, or makes an AFK post on the forum.


2 – All raiders have to be on Mumble all the time during an Operation. Ideally with a Microphone even if you don’t use it unless you have to.


3 – All raiders are expected to keep a stack of Medpacks, and Stimulants with them at ALL Operations, even farm content.


5 – All Operations gear should be fully Modded with the highest quality Mods available – there are no excuses accepted on this front. Officers will be checking.


6 - All loot is distributed at Grintogg and the officers discretion and the officers decision is final – if you have a problem with the decision please raise it as soon as possible via /w to an officer so we can rectify any potential mistakes.


7 – Main tanks will have priority on any loot that will enhance their performance.


8 - Every raider is expected to theory craft and learn the mechanics of their class – some will take this to an extreme level, however everyone is expected to be up to date with their class changes, and use the optimal spec, and talent combinations when attempting progress content. This also includes knowing which items of gear are the Best in Slot (BiS) and which items will boost personal performance the most.



Friend Ranks

O o O allows and encourages friend ranked members to be part of the community, these are often people who can no longer maintain a proper raiding attendance, but are valued guild members, or people who contribute to the guild in other ways than just raiding.


O o O believe it is nice to have a large community, and we welcome people who want to be a part of it as long as they can respect the main rules, and the special 'friend rank' rules below.


A 'friendly' warning from Grintogg:

1 - Friend ranks who bug Grintogg for Operation invites, especially at invite time often get removed from the guild very quickly - if I need your help I will ask for it not the other way round.


2 - I'm very busy at Operation times and as a result do not need extra /w from friend ranked people. If you need to contact me send me in game mail, or talk to the Officer staff, It's what they are there for, and they talk on the behalf of Grintogg and the guild.


3 - If you wish to upgrade to a regular member then you are required to make a proper application on our website – applications will be assessed in the normal way, so it is suggested that you put in a lot of effort.


3 Strikes System

 1 - If a guild member does anything that goes against the rules of the guild then they will receive a 'strike'.


2 -Upon receiving the 3rd 'strike' a member will be asked to leave the guild or will be kicked.


3 - Only Officers and Grintogg can administer 'strikes' however class leaders and other members can bring these rules breaks to their attention. The officer does not have to be witness if there is sufficient evidence to support the claim.


4 - The officers will keep track of 'strikes' in the officers forums.


5 - Recorded 'strikes' will be dated and may be removed at the officers discretion after a suitable time period has expired. ie 3/6 months.


6 - Serious offenses can still result in a straight kick from the guild.