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More Hard Mode Kills

Grintogg / Feb 10, 2012
Last night we managed to create a fully ranged ops team for the first time due to people being away for family commitments etc. Gotta love Sorc and sniper DPS!!

I decided that with the new tactics we had discussed and a fully ranged setup we would be best going to Karagga's Palace to try and get some progress kills.

We killed Bonethrasher in 2 or 3 pulls and moved on to the bounty hunting team - after working out why the tanks were taking such massive damage spikes we moved on to the 3rd boss who really is a bit of a joke as long as you know when he will drop agro and can time cool downs correctly.

So 3 new bosses and 3 easy kills - well done to everyone involved, and welcome to our 3 new members who help ed make the kills possible. We are now up to 7/10 hard modes down, and i think we really should consider doing EV on Nightmare mode next week.



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