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Time for some end game!

Grintogg / Jan 04, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Congratulations to Condemned for being the first to level 50 (by miles) - I doubt he is human because he can't have slept much, and i believe his alt is already in the high 30's - so it proves that the force is strong in him!!

We also have Exile and Kirin at level 50 with a few more to follow including Nemus, Frutte, Ninazupants and myself in the next few days hopefully.

And that can mean only one thing - Its time to start farming gear and hitting the end game. It appears that pvp gear is extremely viable for a lot of classes for end game, and with the excellent modding system you can always adjust the gear to suit your pve stat requirements better.

I would like to get some heroic farming groups running this weekend. I have the whole weekend set aside for Star Wars and intend to see as many heroic bosses and maybe even some raid bosses if possible.

So as per usual with new raid content - get out there and watch some youtube videos and read as much as you can - i would also suggest you spend some time over at (SWTOR equivalent of elitistjerks) and start to learn about your class in a little more depth.

Enjoy the final push of leveling everyone, and hopefully we can all start enjoying the end game together real soon.



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