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<O o O> is live

Grintogg / Dec 16, 2011
After a long wait in the queue to get on the server (twice) totalling 2 hours i finally got online and enjoyed whipping through the opening quests on Hutta with Judgemental and Madcat. It went very quickly because i could space bar through the dialogue having done it all before on beta.

I made it to the Imperial fleet around 02L30hrs this morning and met up with Kirin and Ninazu to form <O o O>. The guild has very few features at the moment other than guild chat and MOTD - but there will be a bank etc added very soon.

If you would like an invite to the guild then /w Grintogg, Madcat, Ninazu or Kirin for an invite when we are online.

Sadly I'm off to work, but after that minor inconvenience i will be online all weekend to help out and advise where needed - try and help each other out and co-ordinate your crafting as much as possible. I believe we are still lacking somone with Armstech and Armourer at this time if anyone is unsure on what to take.

See you all later :)


I could take Armstech if needed.
Im taking armourer defo
my profession is like engineering, but i'll be able to make you all Earpieces at some point this weekend which are effectively the same as necklaces in WoW - Ninazu can make the equivalent of rings.

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