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Game launch rapidly approaching

Grintogg / Dec 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I'm sure most of you will have received the email telling you that pre-order early access now starts on the 13th which is great news! The bad news is that the access is going to be staggered by the day, so unless you pre-ordered your game in the summer you are unlikely to have access on the 13th. The rest of us will be getting on some time before the 20th.

This is going to make forming the guild slightly complicated because we will have to wait until I’m in and have 5,000 credits and level 10 before i can create the guild. However as long as we all end up on the same server I can’t see there being too many problems.

I have provisionally picked the server: ' Hand Maidens of Atris' as a server to begin with - the only reason is that was our beta testing server, and i cannot remember the names of any of the other EU PVP servers. They have confirmed that we will be launching on the same server names as we were on with Beta.

Also the guild name I have picked is provisional - we may well go for a new name for SWTOR - I'm not sure to be honest!

I've gathered a lot of the old OoO crew back together and hopefully through MSN, Steam chat, Facebook and this site we can all co-ordinate to be together when it comes to launch and resurrect <OoO>'s good name in a new and exciting MMO with plenty of new content for us to get our teeth stuck into - and more importantly - no magical Pandas!

I've started to post some useful information on the forums relating to crafting etc - it would be good to ensure we have all bases covered when it comes to crafting - we will have to be fairly co-ordinated at first because i believe SWTOR is going live without a guild bank so we will have to communicate our material needs etc in guild chat or through the forums.

I hope everyone is just as excited as I am - make sure you have Mumble installed in advance because this is our new voice communications server - we dropped Vent because of quality issues and too many random WoW players had the details of the Vent server and were taking advantage of it.

And remember:

Peace is a lie, there is only Passion
through Passion I gain Strength
through Strength I gain Power
through Power I gain Victory
through Victory my Chains are Broken
The Force shall free me.


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